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ADIG Human Synchronizer

ADIG Human Synchronizer is a Tempo Controller that allows the musician to control the tempo
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ADIG Invention AS
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12 January 2009

Editor's review

ADIG Human Synchronizer 1.01 aims at helping musicians in controlling Midi Clock Tempo during their performance, in real-time. If you’re a musician, dancer, or a conductor, the software would certainly be beneficial for you as it supports synchronizing your sequencers or delays during the performance. It lets you control the tempo of external equipments such as Sequencers, Delays, and Loops. With the program you can control the Midi Clock tempo using ‘Midi controller volume pedal’, ‘Midi controller tone wheel’, ‘Midi Tempo tap pedal’ or play together with the application to slow down or push the tempo. It also offers an audio input function for percussive instruments such as drums.

Sporting an attractive interface, the ADIG Human Synchronizer 1.01 boasts of a smooth navigation and ease of use. To start using the application, first you have to connect the Midi Controller for assigning the Midi input channel. When the device is attached and the knobs and pads are assigned, they are shown in red to finally yellow color. The small box presented at the upper part lets you alter the Preset and Nudge POS rate, and the round wheel is to control tempo directly. You can assign different functions to the Midi controller, as per requirement. Likewise, on the screen are provided Thresh, Smooth, BMP Range, Beat, Operation, Click Mode, Slide Back, and Sensitivity options to give required effects, by settings them in the desired manner. The right pane of the software consists of Hold, Nudge, Preset, Start/Stop, and tap buttons to work with. If you further wish to configure the program, you’re provided Audio Settings relating the audio device type, output, input, active output channels, active input channels, sample rate, audio buffer size, active midi inputs, and active midi outputs. The functions of the application can be best known by using the application.

ADIG Human Synchronizer 1.01 goes a long way in helping musicians improve their performance and control the Midi clock tempo as they perform, in real-time. For its easy and effective option-set and its optimum performance, the application has been assigned 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

In the studio or on the road, ADIG Human Synchronizer software will take care of synchronizing all your delays or sequencers to the performance of a musician, conductor or dancer.
Our technology puts the performer in control of the tempo and your machines in ways not possible until now!
ADIG Human Synchronizer is a Tempo Controller that allows the musician to control the tempo of the Midi Clock in real time during a performance.
The Midi Clock is used for controlling the tempo of other external equipment, like :
- Sequenzers
- Delays
- Loops
Controlling the Midi Clock tempo with ADIG Human Synchronizer is available using :
- A Midi controller volume pedal
- A Midi controller tone wheel
- A Midi Tempo tap pedal
- Playing together with the ADIG Human Synchronizer being able to push or slow down the tempo
Besides using Midi, audio input is also possible for percussive instruments like drums.
The ADIG Human Synchronizer software is available both as Windows and Mac versions.
ADIG Human Synchronizer
ADIG Human Synchronizer
Version 1.01
Free Download

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